A word from the founder

Dear visitor,

Since it was established in 1995 by two entrepreneurs working from a dilapidated building in Paris (France), the freelance.com group has generated business worth more than €405 million and managed more than 25,000 jobs, many of them for large, global companies such as HP, DHL, IBM, Microsoft, Orange, L' Oréal and Airbus.

freelance.com is the meeting place for freelancers, the global business platform for freelancers and employers who want to “work differently”, regardless of their size and their geographical location. This “one-stop shop” strategy is supported by our 2 complementary business models:

  1. the "direct model" (www.freelance.com/direct) which connects employers and freelancers who wish to work together and, as required, to make use of the freelance.com platform for its processes to help ensure the successful completion of the jobs,
  2. the "corporate model" (www.freelance.com/corp) which meets the requirements of large corporate clients who limit the number of their accredited suppliers by using freelance.com to source, select, collate, contract, monitor, invoice and generally manage the "freelancers & small consulting firms" resource via a single accredited supplier.

The "one-stop shop":

the two freelance.com business models are available in both English and French. Other languages will also be available in the future. You can “work differently” with freelance.com from anywhere in the world. Whether our clients are micro-businesses, SMEs, medium-sized businesses or large corporate groups, freelance.com has a solution and a process tailored for each one: everyone can “work differently” with freelance.com.

freelance.com “works differently” in line with a changing world

Teleworking is a way of “working differently” that is becoming widespread around the world, primarily in the provision of intellectual services. This way of working enables service providers who live outside urban centres, as well as those with reduced mobility (such as those who are isolated or have a disability, etc.) to make the most of their skills. Teleworking also makes an important contribution in the fight against greenhouse gas emissions linked to transportation. With its "freelance/direct” proposition, freelance.com is a vehicle for looking outward, for sustainable development and progress towards a world which values dignity more and has more respect for the environment.

Selective employment is also a significant social trend in the world. Millions of service providers are looking at a career perspective in which freelancer and employee can operate together successfully. Freelance.com is the first international online platform that brings together independent professionals applying for jobs as freelancers (www.freelance.com) and/or those interested in a wage-earning status (www.valor.fr).

freelance.com and the whole team warmly welcome all of you who want to work differently!