About freelance.com


freelance.com was created in 1995 by a computer science student and an entrepreneur. They started off in a dilapidated building in Paris (France). Very soon the innovative freelance model had attracted a large number of companies across many countries (France, Spain, USA, Canada, Germany, UK, Italy, Switzerland, Morocco, etc.). Freelance was already offering the best independent service providers by relying on a sales team of business managers who themselves were independent. When the internet was getting started, independent service providers were mainly IT professionals. Very soon they started to encompass the full range of intellectual services, such as consulting, marketing/communication, etc. Today there are millions of independent service providers who work online and who look for jobs all around the world.


From 2005 onwards, the market for intellectual services on the internet started to undergo its second revolution, with the arrival of a host of innovations including social networks and PDAs, providing independent service providers with new features which enabled them to promote their skills, to improve them, to publicise them at lower cost and to open up new markets which were previously closed to them. The era of cross-border teleworking had arrived.


Having established strong international leadership in subcontracting services provided by independent service providers to large companies, (the "freelancecorp” model), in 2010 freelance.com moved into the business of cross-border marketplaces, enabling employers and service providers to meet and work together directly (the "freelancedirect” model). With its two complementary business models, freelance.com became the first and the only meeting point in the world for the delivery of intellectual services, adapted both to the requirements of all customers and all service providers. The freelance.com proposition provides a range of innovations which are global in scope and based on responsiveness, internationality, friendliness, administrative cost-saving and security.


Since its creation, freelance.com has distributed more than 405 million euros in fees to independent service providers, managed more than 25,000 jobs, and worked in 27 countries. The group is listed on the stock market (alfre) on the Alternext-Nyse in Paris (France); it is based in Levallois-Perret, 200 metres from Paris (France) and since october 2015 has been headed up by Cyril Trouiller and Claude Tempe.  A word from the founder...