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Sourcing the best freelance consultants. is the traditional core business of freelance.comSince the Group was established, in 1996, we have been connecting employers (often major corporate accounts) with freelance service providers or very small companies. Find out more...

This proposition enables our clients to benefit from a range of qualified experts on a single platform. And our consultants to find quality services through us in major operational divisions. It is a win-win system all round.Because the billing and contracting of the project are handled by, our customers have only one commercial and contractual point of contact.

Entrust your projects to us and we will review your requirements and present you with the profiles of the best freelance experts...

The benefits of the model:

        • Our large base of consultants, currently 230,000, with all types of profiles.
        • The reliability, commitment and acknowledged expertise of the independent consultants.
        • The responsiveness of our model
        • Our impartiality - the freelancers are not our employees, so we don’t have any “inter-contracts”.
        • Our experience: 17 years in existence, 25,100 projects signed.Our performance-based billing: remuneration on the effective work of the consultant (cost plus or fixed rate) and billing support Management of the consultants whom you have identified

For service providers already identified, in order to reduce internal costs and improve performance, employers are increasingly outsourcing “administrative and billing support” for the management of the service providers already identified. Find out more….

Entrust the management of your service providers and very small companies to us, whether they are company-registered or not, as a SARL, self-employed, unemployed, student, retired, etc. We provide administrative management, monitoring of situations, and where necessary the creation of a status and administrative guidance in order to secure the services from an administrative and legal point of view.


        • One single contract, one single supplier, one single point of contact
        • The possibility of validating all operational requests upstream
        • Customised reporting in line with your requirements
        • Transparency on margins
        • Adherence to your compliance requirements
        • Ensuring that the relationship is legally sound irrespective of the statuses (taking responsibility for all regulatory and mandatory checks (KBIS, URSSAF, etc.))
        • Taking full charge of resources in the absence of a legal status
        • 18 years of experience, more than 30,000 jobs.
        • Professional indemnity insurance cover for for 7,500,000 euros
        • Automatic transfer of intellectual property and signing of a confidentiality undertaking by the party involved.
        • Provide your operational managers with small-scale support structures for innovation and expertise
        • Keep your own Resources to complete your projects
        • Benchmarking available on our 200,000 consultant CVs
        • Prevention support (for HR & Procurement) in relation to illegal working
        • Helping your consultants to find new jobs when their work has been completed
        • Helping your ex-employees to obtain spin-off positions or with employment transition
        • Disappearance of all direct costs related to multiple contracts and associated checks
        • Single billing process
        • Disappearance of all low value-added costs associated with ensuring compliance of service providers
        • Taking over of all administrative and contractual relationships with service providers. (Payment reminders, invoicing, etc.) is a "marketplace" that puts employers and service providers in direct contact with each other so that they can freely discuss the content of a job, fees, etc. It's simple and direct. Contracting and billing take place between the client and the service provider he has chosen. Find out more...

We make two sourcing options available on our site for our clients:

        1. For ad hoc requests, you place an ad on the website free of charge, receive anonymous applications, and pay a fee per ad to view the contact details of the candidates.  freelancedirect_oneshot_EN
        2. For frequent requests, take out a subscription in order to have access to all of the CVs of the consultants registered on


Provigis offers its clients a complete back office, enabling them to have comprehensive supplier files available at all times in relation to the obligatory regulatory documentation (URSSAF certification, Kbis, etc.). In accordance with the legal requirement to exercise a duty of care, these elements are continually followed up, checked and updated by one single system. So employers can rely on a dashboard to monitor, receive notifications and urgently follow up, if necessary, on the current status of their partner files. Find out more...

Umbrella company / ValorConsultants

ValorConsultants was created more than 20 years ago and is the design company for the umbrella company concept. It enables:

  • The consultant to work autonomously (in the context of jobs) or to consider an entrepreneurial project, while continuing to enjoy the benefits of employee status.
  • The company to call on individual service providers without a status allowing them to invoice.

Our administrative and billing team is ready and available for both employers and consultants who wish to work under an umbrella company structure. Find out more...