Terms and Conditions of Use


These Terms and Conditions of Use (T&Cs) are intended to define the modalities of the provision of services as provided by the platform FREELANCE.COM, hereafter named "the Service", and the conditions of use of the Service by the USER.

Any access and\or Use of the platform FREELANCE.COM presumes the unconditional acceptance and adherence to all sections of these Terms and Conditions. This consequently establishes a link of a contractual nature between FREELANCE.COM and the USER.

In the case of the USER not wishing to accept all or any of these terms and conditions, they are requested to explicitly renounce all use of the Service.

FREELANCE.COM makes available to USERS, in the form of a downloadable PDF file, or by online access, the documents and information described below, which will be visible to the EMPLOYER, subject to the terms described on the platform FREELANCE.COM

The documents posted on-line by the CONTRACTORS, which are at the disposal of the EMPLOYERS are:

  • Data of a financial, technical or commercial nature, notably in the form of a CV, describing the experience and skills of the CONTRACTOR.

The platform FREELANCE.COM, allows EMPLOYERS access to all information pertaining to the commercial and financial data of the contractors, thus allowing optimal visibility and transparency of their skills and performance.

FREELANCE.COM offers an ergonomic and functional service to employers, allowing them an almost immediate selection of data, through a selective filter, as personalized by their search terms with regard to the job searched, the nature of the CONTRACTOR’s work, and the quality of their on-line profile.

FREELANCE.COM allows EMPLOYERS, subject to the terms described in these T&Cs and on the platform FREELANCE.COM, a fast and immediate download of all data and information as published on the platform by the CONTRACTORS.

The "mouse click" by the USER constitutes an electronic signature which is of the same value as a handwritten signature, and the client thereby recognizes acceptance of the general and specific T&Cs and irrevocable commitment, as set out according to the provisions of articles 1316 and subsequent ones of the French Civil Code.