Marie-Hélène RUIZ, Business Manager

At freelance.com we work with two key partners for whom we, as Business Managers, must provide permanent monitoring: our clients and our consultants.'' Only if both of these two parties are fully satisfied with the execution of the job can it be regarded as a success.

Wicem TRABELSI, Business Systems Analyst

« My collaboration with freelance.com enables me to have job offers which are perfectly suited to my profile. The Business Manager I work with knows me: my skills, my preferred activity sectors, my mobility and most importantly my know-how, as well as my availability.

Xavier MAINGUY, Business Manager

As a project manager specialising in logistics and international commerce, I was looking for autonomy and diversity but also a commercial and legal framework which would be both dynamic and secure. The welcome I received from the freelance.com sales and administration team and the services it has provided for me fully lived up to these expectations. I have also benefited from individual legal and tax advice, which has been particularly valuable in helping me to develop my activities. I have now been a Business Manager for a year, which means I offer my clients’ jobs to independent consultants via our online platform. I have found the same expertise and the same degree of functional and administrative excellence here as in my previous activities.

Jean-Marc CHAPPUIS, Business Manager

freelance.com makes a range of effective services available to its Business Managers:

    • In terms of Back Office, by streamlining and securing the contractual and regulatory aspects of the client/supplier relationship,
    • In terms of sourcing, through a database and billing and administrative services dedicated to the freelancers
    • In terms of business, by promoting access to key corporate accounts by presenting a company which is appropriate for referrals by their procurement departments

In my role as a Business Manager I am free to focus on the development of my activities.

Bruno FONTAINE, Freelance purchasing consultant

The freelance.com group enabled me to get my business activities started through a first consultancy job. Currently it gives me flexibility in terms of billing (via company or umbrella structure) while allowing me to concentrate on my jobs, without having to worry about the settlement of invoices.

Luc GAUTIER, Business Manager

For me the freelance.com site is a complete and indispensable tool in my day-to-day work; it allows me to pass on tenders corresponding to the needs of my clients, manage the administrative compliance of potential partners, and have access to a financial overview of the projects and commissions of the various stakeholders.