Umbrela company by

The Valor centre, which has been involved in the design of umbrella companies since 1978 and whose Chairman is André Martine (CEO of Valor), has been working in the area of umbrella companies for more than 25 years. It role: to offer personalised assistance to its consultants and to enable independent consultants to carry out jobs while enjoying the benefits of employee status.

How does it work?

  1. The consultant and the client company negotiate directly about the terms of the job to be carried out (length, deadlines, price, etc.)
  2. As the umbrella company we sign a job contract with the client, and a working contract with the consultant.
  3. We invoice the client for the fees corresponding to the job, and pay the consultant a salary equal to the amount invoiced ( less social security deductions and management costs.

Principle :

Conceived more than 25 years ago by the company Valor, which is now a subsidiary of the group, an umbrella company enables:
  • The consultant to work autonomously (in the context of jobs) or to consider an entrepreneurial project, while continuing to enjoy the benefits of employee status.
  • The company to call on individual service providers without a status allowing them to invoice.

...the Valor model is made for you!

Moreover, because of the strong synergies with our Freelance activity, the group makes available its know-how in business and human relations to its freelance consultants (freelancers, experts, future designers, etc.), to enable each of them to focus on what they know best. Valor/ proposes the following:


The most complete solution, including:
  • Management fees which start at 6% of the amount ( invoiced to your client
  • Guaranteed payment of your salary for each month worked (depending on the terms agreed)
  • Online supervision of your operations and your available budget
  • Training accreditation
  • A Company Savings Plan allowing you to save under beneficial conditions

or VALOR ONE option

a flexible solution, characterised by:
  • Management fees starting at 5%
  • Guaranteed remuneration, for each month worked
  • the balance of the client’s final payment


Whichever solution you choose, you will benefit from:
  • A job contract – short-term or long-term, management level
  • A designated account manager
  • Processing of your professional expenses
  • Comprehensive insurance cover (legal, civil, professional)


The Valor guarantees:
  • Designer of Umbrella Company arrangements in France (trademark registered in 1978)
  • 20 years of experience and the No.1 Umbrella Company business, created in 1978
  • An efficient and collaborative network of over 1,000 Consultants
  • Co-founder of the SNEPS (National Federation of Umbrella Companies)
  • André Martinie CEO of the PEPS/CINOV
  • Membership of the Group, which is listed on the stock market
  • Available jobs can be seen on
  • Management fees applied degressively on turnover according to actual turnover achieved